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Quilters Corner Club

Sweet Blossoms of Love Free Quilt and Block of the Month Pattern

May 2006's  free quilt Pattern is called "Sweet Blossoms Of Love" An applique design. To remind of of 2 Things for the month of May! 1 - Spring is in the air and Flowers are starting to bloom! 2- Everyone knows that spring is the love season, and love is also in the air! There are 6 Different blocks in the quilt and each block features different flowers and hearts.The pattern comes with all templates (without seam allowances) Placement guides, instructions with pictures, and more! This is an all original quilt pattern designed by me.Questions or Comments please contact me 
An original Quilt pattern designed by Christina Carl for Quilters Corner Club

May 2006 Quilt Of The Month
Sweet Blossoms Of Love
with flowers and hearts applique


An original Quilt pattern designed by Christina Carl for Quilters Corner Club

Quilt and Fabric Yardage estimates


Applique Templates

Applique Placement Guides

Finished Block Examples

 PLEASE READ My Terms Of Use!:
I do not put strict copyright issues on my patterns, They are FREE for you to use:
  •  you MAY SELL any quilts you make with them! (As long as they are not mass produced by some company, but individuals may sell their quilts)
  • You may USE THEM IN any shows, as long is credit is given to me as the designer.
  •  You may print and Share copies with your Guild, or quilting Friends.
  • You May print and use them in lessons and classes, as long as proper credit is given to me as the designer. And a link to QCC would be appreciated also.


  • Download them to use on your own website: A Link to here is required instead!
  • Sell the Patterns in any way, shape, or form!
  • Claim the Patterns as Your Own!

Ok That sounds like pretty fair terms RIGHT???? :O) That said, please enjoy your stay!!









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