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1930's Reproduction Miniature Quilt and Block of the month Free Pattern

This cute little quilt was so fun to make. I have a HUGE ammount of 30's scraps wich is why I made this pattern. It looks great with a large variety of 1930's reproduction fabrics. Don't be intimidated by the small blocks... paper piecing makes them really easy! I made this quilt (finished and quilted) in just 2 days!! And its so cute... see pics below...
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An original Quilt pattern designed by Christina Carl for Quilters Corner Club

August 2006 Quilt Of The Month
1930's Scrappy Band-Aid Mini
Miniature Paper Pieced Quilt


An original Quilt pattern designed by Christina Carl for Quilters Corner Club


Mini 30's Instructions

Mini 30's pattern

My Quilt Finished and machine quilted :)
18 by 23 inches



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