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Quilters Corner Club

January - April 2006 Mystery Quilt

Introducing: Quilters Corner Club's First Mystery Quilt! 
(A Paper Pieced Project)
(Scroll down if you are looking for the patterns and instructions)

~ All Patterns and instructions have been posted for our first mystery quilt! Scroll down to see each step, and print or save to your computer. Have fun!
~ The Instructions are given for 2 different size quilts. The first when completed will measure about 46 by 46 inches with borders (A nice wall hanging). The second size when completed will measure 72 by 72 inches. Choose which size best suits you!
~ This Quilt is made using all paper pieced patterns. The patterns however, are all simple, and make a great project for a beginner paper-piecer. For instructions on how to paper piece visit: Quilters Cache's Lessons

~ Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully on color placement (In order for the pattern to work properly). I have given 3 different examples for fabric color/pattern choices, and will post a completed picture of each block, in each color example, to help with this. Each color is numbered, and you will need to number yours as well in order to fallow the nstructions. You only need 6 fabrics/colors for this project! Since this involves paper piecing, fabric requirements will vary on the method you use to paper piece. However, I will give estimates, but you may wish to have a bit extra to be safe
~ Please e-mail me with any questions you
might have ..This Quilt and It's patterns are my original designs ...
HAVE FUN! Christina
Please be sure to print all instructons and follow guidelines. The files are in PDF format so you will need the adobe reader to access them. Get it here free.. ADOBE READER

General Instructions / Fabric Requirements

Fabric Options / Examples of chioces

Step 1 :

Step 1 Instructions For Wallhanging Size Quilt

Step 1 Instructions for Quilt Size

Color Placement Guide (Complete)

Pattern for Mystery Block Step 1

examples of completed block 1

Step 2:

Step 2 Instructions For Wallhanging size quilt

Step 2 Instructions for Quilt size

Step 2 Color Placement Guide (complete)

Step 2 Patterns

Step 2 Completed Examples

Step 3:

Step 3 instructions Wallhanging size

Step 3 instructions for larger quilt

Color Placement guide for Step 3

Pattern for step 3

step 3 finished examples

Step 4 :

step 4 instructions wallhanging size

Step 4 instructions for Larger Quilt

Color Placement Guide Step 4

Step 4 Pattern

Step 4 finished Examples of Block

Step 5 :

Instructions step 5- Wallhanging size

Step 5 instructions larger Size

Step 5 Color Placement Guide

Step 5 Pattern

Step 5 Finished Examples

Step 6:

Instructions for wallhanging size STEP 6

STEP 6 instructions for Larger Size

Color Placement Guide Step 6

STEP 6 Pattern

Step 6 Finished Examples

Step 7:

Step 7 Instructions for Wallhanging Size

Instructions Larger Size Quilt Step 7

Step 8:

Step 8 instructions wallhanging size

Step 8 Instructions Larger Size


Assembling the WALLHANGING 46 by 46 inches

Assembling the LARGER QUILT 72 by 72 inches


My Solutions for the WALLHANGING

My Solution for the LARGER QUILT

Please send me feedback! I would love to know what you think about the mystery,  Was it easy to follow? Hard to understand? How do you like the end result? Post to the group and tell me what you thought, or e-mail me!! : )









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